Kevin Glenz ケビン・グレンツ


Long-time Japan resident with wide-ranging experience.


Accurate, natural, and effective Japanese to English (and sometimes vice-versa) translation.


Newspaper and magazine articles, corporate websites, educational texts, advertising copy, and more.


A clear, natural tone for corporate, educational and entertainment needs.

Other Work

Consulting, research, events.

日本語 (工事中)

Japanese to English Translation


Kevin Glenz has been assisting clients in business, government, academia, and many other areas with native Japanese-to-English translation and other cross-cultural communications needs for over 10 years. He has coordinated or taken part in hundreds and hundreds of projects. Below are just a few examples.

Corporate Communications

Websites, pamphlets, presentations, press releases, website content, and other B-to-C and B-to-B communications for companies of all sizes, including multinationals such as Hitachi, Panasonic, Sony, and Nikon.

Speeches, Reports and Presentations

Clear, natural English with total consideration for the intended audience. Past projects have included presentations at the Cannes Lions advertising awards and speeches at international conferences by Japan's Transportation Minister. 

Financial Reports

Kevin regularly prepares investor relations documents for one of Japan's largest telecom firms, as well as major corporations, banks, and other organizations.


Advertising and marketing in Japan were the subject of Kevin's thesis at Columbia University and have been a life-long passion for him. He works closely with Dentsu and other ad agencies to translate and localize advertising across all types of media. He also helps prepare materials and applications for entry into international ad festivals such as Cannes Lions and AdFest. He also provides copywriting and branding services.

Subtitles, Screenplays, Song Lyrics

Kevin has just completed song lyric translations and concert subtitles for a package to be released internationally by one of Japan's most beloved singer-songwriters. He also produces clear, concise, and fun subtitles for feature-length films, including several films by acclaimed director Naoko Ogigami. Films with Kevin's subtitles have won awards at the Berlin International Film Festival (Megane, 2008) and the Monte-Carlo TV Festival (Ah, You're Really Not Here, 2009).