Kevin Glenz ケビン・グレンツ


Graduate of Columbia University's Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures. Long-time Japan resident with wide-ranging experience.


Accurate, natural, and effective Japanese to English (and sometimes vice-versa) translation.


Newspaper and magazine articles, corporate websites, educational texts, advertising copy, and more.


A clear, natural tone for corporate, educational and entertainment needs.

Other Work

Consulting, research, events.

日本語 (工事中)

About me

Kevin Glenz
                  profileKevin Glenz has been helping companies and individuals in Japan communicate better since 1998.
Kevin graduated with honors from Columbia University's Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures. Since then, in roles as an educator, journalist, translator, editor, consultant, and researcher, Kevin has taken part in hundreds of projects for clients in the private sector, academia, and government, from major corporations to small colleges to the Transportation Minister of Japan. Since passing the Japanese Proficiency Test, Level 1 (highest level) in 2003, Kevin has helped hundreds of clients with language and communication-related needs, going well beyond the role of translator to provide value-added advice and consultation in marketing and branding, presentation and speaking, and overall message communication.
In addition, Kevin's voice can be heard on TV commercials, movies, corporate promotional films and learning materials, and his books on the TOEIC, TOEFL and other subjects can be found in bookstores and schools throughout Japan. His writings have been published in the Mainichi Daily News and Asahi Herald Tribune, among other publications. He is also a DJ who helped launch the All-Prince Events in 2001.

Click on the links to see examples of Kevin's work, or contact him at djkebi at yahoo dot co dot jp with any inquiries.